We hope that you are in good or reasonable health and have few serious problems. We endeavour to maintain regular contact with Pensioners and to offer help and guidance where possible.

IF you feel that we can help please get in touch, by using the Welfare option on the Contact Us form on this website.

Blue Card

Although it can be indelicate talking about the ‘grim reaper’ it is sensible for everyone to prepare for the day he comes knocking.

If you want to save those you leave behind a lot of extra work you should prepare a list of what documents are where. We have been issuing a Schedule of Particulars to new members for several years but it seems that not everyone knows of them.

So we have decided to put up a copy here for you to download (you will need adobe reader to read this file and this can be obtain free from here).

So why it is called a Blue Card? Because, since when we first issued them, it has been printed on blue card, and it’s a lot easier to remember than its real title.

Bank Workers Charity

The charity www.bwcharity.org.uk is prepared to award grants to Barclays Pensioners to help them maintain a quality of life and to help them afford one-off expenditure such as property repairs, medical equipment or to replace household furniture or appliances.

If you need help with this please get in touch using the Contact Us page and selecting Welfare from the dropdown list.

Leona Johnson