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This is the home of the Barclaycard Pensioners’ Club on the ’net. Its main role is to provide a noticeboard for club members. Here also you should find details of what we are about and what we plan to do. And, if you are not already a member and think you qualify (see Membership), you can contact us about joining.

Rosemary Horwood, Chairman


Membership is open to the following:

  1. Anyone who retired from active Barclays service with an immediate pension from the UKRF or took flexible retirement;
  2. Those who left the Group with a UKRF deferred pension, are aged 50 or over and have completed a minimum of 15 years employment with Barclays;
  3. Widows or widowers of former eligible members as in 1 or 2 above.
Note: If you have transferred your benefits to another pension arrangement or taken a total cash lump sum you are ineligible to join the Pensioners' Club.

A small one-off entry fee is charged. There are currently no further membership fees.

The Bank no longer automatically provides us with details of new pensioners who qualify so, if you think you qualify and you are interested, please get in touch with the club secretary making sure that you change the Subject on the drop-down menu to Membership.

Strictly speaking the club’s full name is Barclays Bank (Barclaycard) Pensioners’ Club, but that’s a bit long-winded for everyday use.


We publish a regular, quarterly newsletter, THE LINK. It is sent to all registered members. However sending it by post is a very labour-intensive process. So we are making every effort to persuade members to take it by email instead. We have managed to increase the number of people who receive their copies this way to c. 300. This, however, is still likely to be far fewer than the total number of members who have email accounts.

When you receive it this way it arrives as an attachment to an email message. The attachment is a PDF (Portable Document Format) which opens with Adobe Reader. Almost all computers already have this FREE software installed. If not you can download Adobe Reader from here. Beware and make sure you "uncheck" the otional offers as these may cause conflicts on your PC.

If you can receive your copy this way we urge you to get in touch by using the Newsletter option on the Contact Us form. Let’s face it, if you are reading this message, you probably have an email account and can swap to this version. We’ll help you with the painless conversion.

Colin Rands

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